Slimmer & VitaliTea Bundle + Liver Reset

Slimmer & VitaliTea Bundle + Liver Reset

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Four of our best-selling products formulated to help you achieve a healthy weight and support your liver!

  • {2} Full size Slimmer Max Healthy Weight Management
  • Love Your Liver full size of VitaliTea... our real detox tea 
  • Full size HepaDetox essential oil blend... cleanse and repair the liver
  • Full size Lemon essential oil

HepaDetox Product Info

Lemon Product Info

Slimmer Max is our powered fat burner mix that we use in our get snatched juice. It comes unflavored . You can add the secrete flavor sauces separate or provide your own sugar free water enhancer such as crystal light and add it to your liking .

 Our fat burner mix is in powdered form and patented and clinically PROVEN to reduce stress eating, lower cortisol levels (thats the stuff that causes belly fat), maintain blood sugars, decrease appetite and remove toxins from your body. It is CLINICALLY PROVEN to FLATTEN YOUR BELLY without strict dieting

 drink 8oz-16oz. but it depends on your habits and how overweight you are. If you typically eat 3 meals a day, 8 ounce 3 times a day is great. if you don't and you have more than 40 pounds to lose, 16 ounces twice a day would be more effective

1 packet is 30 servings. These 3 packets gives you 6 gallons worth of juice

its Twice as much fat burning and glucose lowering ingredients + Irish Sea Moss!!

****You can also add the fat burner mix, Slimmer, to the beverage of your choice (water, juice, smoothie) and even yogurt. It does include a scooper .