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Remove unwanted parasites, detox heavy metals, support your liver, and improve overall health and well-being with our Complete Parasite Detox Kit.

Containing a remarkable array of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, bio-chemicals, natural antibiotics and antivirals, antioxidants, enzymes, organic fungicides, and free-radical scavengers, our Fulvic Acid comes from one of the richest known sources of fulvic minerals in the world and is extracted using a cold process to preserve its nutrient-rich raw state.

HepaDetox is a blend of essential oils that are known to help the liver detox and also to regenerate and rebuild liver cells.

Purge Tonic is a blend of herbs formulated to support the body in gentle cleansing. Convenient to use, Purge Tonic is water soluble for rapid and efficient absorption. Along with detoxing parasitic organisms, Purge Tonic may improve digestion, increase energy and mental clarity, and support a healthy immune system.

Includes: 1-ounce Fulvic Acid, 1-ounce Purge Tonic, 10ml HepaDetox

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Fulvic Acid PIP
HepaDetox PIP
Purge Tonic PIP